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omspirit wellness

All of you is welcome here!

I feel balanced, rejuvenated, and clear-headed after a Reiki session with Colleen. During a session, Colleen follows her intuition to determine which areas to work on, and I am always amazed by her accuracy. At the end of the session, if called to, Colleen leaves room for discussion about which areas she focused on the most and any messages that may have come through. I also love that she works with crystals and drumming as part of her practice. Overall, Colleen's intuition guides her during a session, and the experience is always fabulous.

Nicole D.


My name is Colleen.

Omspirit wellness is about healing, resting, and self-discovery. By going within, we learn that wellness is something we can access but might just need a bit of help to bring it forward and into our consciousness. It would be an honour to help empower you with tools and insights needed to live a full life. Omspirit wellness provides guided meditations and Reiki services that help you feel relaxed, centered and balanced in a safe and nurturing environment.

My journey has lead me here - to teach and to heal.

If you have questions about omspirit offereings please feel free to contact me at or book a Discovery Session on the offerings page.



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