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Welcome! My name is Colleen.  I am a sponge for learning, kind of quirky, quiet, and content. This life began in a small rural, east-central Alberta town and I now live in Calgary with my wonderfully supportive husband and fur baby, Mr. M. 

"Now. Now we can begin," is the message I received to aid others on their healing and self-discovery journeys. I have had a regular, almost daily, meditation practice since 2017.  And it was in 2022, the calling came to learn how to teach others to meditate and to become a Reiki practitioner. 


My journey here has been one filled with heartbreak, deep learning about myself, joy, and hope. In the past, I have struggled with crippling social anxiety, intense work stress, depression, lack of self-love, -compassion, -worth, etc. I was one who did what I thought others wanted me to do. Until one day, I realized that the only person putting that pressure on myself was me! That realization gave me the strength to breakout of the spiritual closet and open my heart to who I am. 

Meditation and Reiki have truly changed my life in so many positive ways.  So much so that I want to share what I practice and have learned so others might live a life of love, trust, surrender, and forgiveness.


300 - Hour Meditation Teacher Training

Yoga MCC - 2023

Usui Reiki Training - First and Second Degree

Melanie Dawn - 2023

    Usui Reiki Training - Third Degree

    Alishia  Alibhai - 2024         

    My Reiki lineage is available upon request. 



    I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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